It’s not easy for some people to speak out about their emotions. We can imagine that speaking about loving a priest would require a greater effort. The person is afraid to speak because one might be afraid of judgement. The woman might be considered as a devil forcing the priest out of his parish. We’ve been listening to many stories for many years now. Although we don’t wish to generalise, yet there is a common line in many stories with very few exceptions. It wasn’t the woman who was looking for a romantic or sexual story with a priest! But rather an immature priest who like a small boy wants to try on a new toy (the body of the girl). Most of the priests have remained rather puerile because of life formation and other social factors.

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A common love story which happens to nearly all human beings…falling in love! The man though, is a priest. What happens then? Some women are aware of the facts. What would you do in their situation?

Is married priesthood just our thought? What do people think about married priesthood? The Italians are in favour of married priesthood too!!! The have lost confidence in the church and the Pope too. 77% had confidence in John Paul II in 2003. Today only 46% trust the present Pope! Confidence in the church dropped from 59% to 47%.

What makes people angry is the fact that while Catholic Priests cannot marry, yet many other priests are coming tothe Catholic church as married people with a wife and children. It’s what we call a double standard of the catholic church.

An other argument for married priesthood is that priests are very few nowadays. Communities are left without the eucharist because of lack of priests. What about those who left active priesthood to get married??

We need to mobilize people to do ministry work.

It’s not just about celibacy but there are other things that are going really bad in the Catholic church. What happened to the catholic church? Well this article focuses on the bad things. Of course no good things are mentioned in this article, but could one ignore this criticism? Can we close an eye on such events?

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Hans Kung speaks about what we need to do in the church today.

Most of the times going to church one realises that what the priest tells from high above is in complete contrast with what the people are looking for. In fact what the people want to discuss is totally different form what the bishops want to discuss.