When a person loves another person, normally it’s the best time of one’s life. The priest who loves his parish and works diligently is prone to fall in love with a woman too! Because he cares for people and because he sees people as human beings, makes him ‘vulnerable’ to feelings and emotions. Apart from growing both spiritually and humanely, he starts to experience the ‘mother’ church from another point of view: that of someone living in an irregular situation. Apart from other practical problems, he has to face a decision: will I abandon the parish or the one who gave me a new birth through love? If he goes for the second, and wants to live according to what they told him in the seminary, he has to ask permission to leave. We are presenting just one experience. Although it’s one experience, but from countless stories in our email box, most of them pass through a very painful and humiliating process. We respect the opinion of our readers. We never take decisions for others. It’s your life and you are the one responsible for it. On the other hand, our choice is NOT to apply for such a permission as it amply shows that it is just a power game and contrary to biblical experience. We want to bring fresh, practical, sincere and easy to understand articles to help people who are passing through such an experience. Please continue writing!
One experience

A HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all, especially Catholic Priests. Thank you for taking care of the fruit of your love and making a very bold decision.

We receive many emails to ask us about our private and personal life. I mean how do I feel as a married priest? Well there are other experiences out there where you can see the beauty of married priesthood. It’s not just us. There are others. http://blog.beliefnet.com/deaconsbench/2010/06/the-priest—-and-his-mrs.html

The experience of a biological father of eight children who becomes a Catholic Priest amply shows that priesthood can cope with fatherhood. This priest brings a unique experience in the church. But while this priest is allowed to be married, other priests cannot! We wish that most of our readers take a more active role in talking, discussing such an issue. No significant change took place without discussing, dreaming, writing and pressing for changes, sometimes asking for a radical approach…father of eight

This year has been the year of priesthood. Notwithstanding the various articles appearing worldwide, the Pope’s reaction to this year was rather unique. It seems that he wants to reinvent the circle. He wants to write the story according to his opinion when countless experiences prove otherwise…..

In a similar article, one reflects on the Pope’s message for the year of priesthood from a different point of view: While Church focused on goods of priesthood, Satan tried to tarnish priests

Other authors have commented on the Pope’s thought. They see things totally different.

Other readers have asked us for internet sites for homilies. One of them could be this:

Other priests and/or lay people who have fallen in love, have asked us for prayers. Yes we do remember everybody in our prayers but in case you want a practical article about prayer just go to: http://www.catholica.com.au/gc1/dg/044_dg_050610.php