Austria in Western Europe is not just another country. It’s a country which has been Catholic for many many years. They are of the opinion that married priests should be introduced as soon as possible. It’s another sign that the Holy Spirit is moving the stale water in the Catholic Church. In the same interview, more than half of the priests are asking for married priesthood too. This makes it very clear that both the clergy (priests and bishops) and the laity (common people) are seeing God’s will for today’s church. It’s a sign of God’s word for the church today.

An intelligent author says plain and simple: he does not believe that celibacy causes sexual abuse of children but for sure the non married priest may suffer an essential pathology that is unique to the culture of clericalism, and mandatory celibacy is essential to it. Immaturity, narcissism, misogyny, incapacity for intimacy, illusions about sexual morality — such all-too-common characteristics of today’s Catholic clergy are directly tied to the inhuman asexuality that is put before them as an ideal.

If proof was ever needed about the devastating effects of mandatory celibacy, one can read what happened and what’s happening in Belgium.

It’s not just children but women with abuse stories are coming out too.

Sometimes people try to blackmail the priest who leaves active priesthood by spreading false news or else labelling him as a coward or as not good for priesthood. Well what about the so called non-married priests. Are they living truthfully or are they living a lie? In fact one of the priests who left the parish said that he did not want to live a lie. So actually the parishioners appreciate the virtue of honesty from such a priest.

In fact why does a priest have to make a choice: priesthood or marriage? Weren’t nearly all the apostles married? It’s a fact that we are losing priests through such a man made law.

This is one of the main changes one wants to see in the church. Having married priests, makes them have a normal life with many common challenges. It changes their opinion not on one subject but most of them. It’s one thing preaching to young people and another thing having a young guy at home 24 hours daily!!