It’s not just the laity (non-priests and non-nuns) who think that those in authority are not in touch with the grassroots but now a bishop too makes the point. Where are we going? We know that for such a big corporation such as the Catholic church it’s so difficult to accept the fact that for many people in the Western World, the church has lost its place. So they are trying to use old formulas to lure them back: by going back to old teachings! Just imagine how women reacted when they heard that ordaining women is on par with abusing innocent children!!

But is this the reading of the signs of today’s world as wished by Pope John XXIII ? The married priest is the one who hears a lot of criticism and at the same time is living the same experience with today’s challenges etc…..It’s like politicians who start to feel that the people are going another different way. Now either do they change or they are voted out of office. Unfortunately in the church we can’t vote them out! But the consequences are more disastrous because people are leaving the church…..

Even in Catholic Malta, the public comments made by many people shows that the people of God have grown and become an adult in the word of God. But those in authority do not realize that times have changed.

Many times they come to the married priest because they see a person who was not a coward and left the parish because there were many issues that he could not accept in the Catholic church. They are so happy that they can still be Catholics even though they don’t agree with the Pope!! In fact these last days we met with many interesting people who were happy that they could start participating in the life of the church, including participating in the sacraments. Just click on the following links: link 1 link 2.

We keep harping on the same point. Many parishes in Europe are being abandoned because there is the lack of priests. Whilst the number of married deacons (those who are just one step before acting as full priests) is increasing, why can’t we ordain them as priests?

What’s so ironic is that other priests from other religions are being accepted as married priests!! So why can’t our married people be ordained as priests??

Another priest tells the uncomfortable truth……the laity have an absolute right to spiritual goods in the church. This is the reason why we as priests who left the parish, we continue to administer the sacraments to all those who ask us. Unfortunately many baptized people do not know their rights!!!!