Most of the priests leave without talking to parishioners. But some of them they do leave a note and explain what they are feeling and why do they take such an important decision. It’s important to read slowly and with an open heart and mind this particular note.

Some of the parishioners may accuse the priest of not living his call or of not obeying. Just one bishop has spoken in a beautiful way explaining clearly that blind obedience is NOT God’s will. So what does obedience mean?

We are happy that in praxis the Vatican is allowing married catholic priests to work in parishes. We are down to earth. We never expect revolutions to happen overnight. But all these instances where married priests from other religions are accepted as Catholic Married priests bring new hope to many faithful in the church. There are many parishes where priests are not present if not rarely. They need priests to nourish their faith. Hence if more married priests are accepted we would be helping these ‘orphan’ parishes. We are happy that parishes are so happy with their married priest!

It’s not just right now that married priests are being accepted but it was so during the communist regimes in Eastern Europe especially in the former Czechoslovakia country. Let’s not change history. It did take place and it shows that the Catholic church was able to survive by ordaining married priests in order that they may work unobtrusively! It’s the same church which needs to be practical or otherwise many parishes will close down and the faithful would turn away!

Is it just a few of us who is calling for a change in the rules of the Catholic Church? No! It’s on the economist.

Is criticism out of place in the church? Because the same church is so sensitive to criticism. It’s very easy to be labeled ‘nuts’ or ‘anti-cleric’ or something similar.

A priest who has the power to say things black on white! Why are so many priests so sincere in one-to-one talks and then stop short of saying the same things in public?

Unfortunately the same priest changes the version, obviously facing pressure from church officials, maybe cutting off his salary or pension in case he continues to say the same things and makes an apology.

How many people are not happy in the Catholic Church? Many are asking what’s happening in the church?

A sister speaks out. So it’s not just men who have some trouble with authority!

It’s not just gays who form part of the Catholic Priesthood but children of priests show in practical life how priests view celibacy.

As usual some priests are experts in hiding or alienating people. When one does not observe celibacy, one has to lie, not just once but many times. It’s one lie after another until the truth is discovered.

That’s why we are calling for a radical change in the teaching of the church because the church’s sexual theology IS in ‘deep crisis’.

An interesting news item about a parish which was closed just recently, shows that people are a faith community and that they are strong enough to continue practicing their faith! How many parishes will follow the same example ?

If you prefer just watch the video about the same parish.