Some Catholics, after years of brainwashing, still look at the priest who left the parish as a traitor! He should stick to his vows, they write on the net! It’s very difficult to convince such people when they are closed to just one view. Happily though, people do change when they get to know one on a personal level. All in all it makes the work of a married priest quite interesting as he challenges such Christians to re-examine their ‘so-sure-views’.

Although one cannot generalise the reasons why a priest has left the parish, yet coming to know one personally, one gets a nice surprise. The priest has long felt unfamiliar with many decisions not only on celibacy but on other aspects as well. In most cases he takes the path of the gospel and of the living experience of many many Christians! Living a normal married life makes him feel the same experience on par with other baptised people. He is not preaching with words but rather a living example to all when facing the same challenges. He cannot just ask for money in church, he has to earn them like all people. He does not live in big convents or houses, but like others he has to make both ends meet to pay his loan to the bank. In most cases, married priests cannot rely on the community for money but they have another full time job. At work they are treated like all employees. No special treatment or special clothes. They face the same problems and challenges. When he works in a ‘normal’ work he faces many instances of injustices…..he cannot reach for a high place to start the homily but rather gives his own personalised answer to a challenging situation.

Now let’s see how a married priest views his church.

A man without sex is surely more prone to have ‘illegal’ sex. It’s the principle of the forbidden fruit which makes it more attractive and mouth watering. In fact more statistics are coming out. It shows that priests ARE sexually active. We worry not only because it’s all full of secrets but rather because it makes the person more prone to USE the other person simply for sex. The priest with a hidden relationship cannot give a normal love life to his girlfriend. We’ve been saying this to many hidden mistresses in our private email box. Yet maybe when one is love, one becomes blind and deaf!

If we read the bible we all know that most of the apostles were married! Yet the church feels ok to throw away the experience of the early church (in other cases they quote the bible line for line! How’s that for double standards?). Why all this imposition of celibacy?

Maybe the young people seek something new in their lives. Priesthood doesn’t seem to be a top priority contrary to past years. One asks why?

Another, has written an open letter to the Pope. (you have to be a member of the Kephas Yahoo Group)