Some people think that the world has just started today, or in these last years. Well it has been for million of years. We find proof of people living on this planet, thousands of years ago. It’s not just us who are putting forward the idea of married priesthood, but it has been present since biblical times. Now we all honour the bible. We all refer to it as the word of God. Well, why not read it carefully and see the many examples of married priesthood?

People may gossip why another priest has left the parish….sometimes they are very creative in inventing stories. But maybe we want to let the priest tell the story. It’s another story of a priest who wants to leave security…

The word of God is not just the bible, it’s not just a book! What about the living communities of today? Does God speak only in books? Did He stop communicating? How can we read God’s message today? Some communities have truly reached the point where they are asking for married priests.

On the other hand, the pope, instead of using a biblical figure for priests, he makes use of a particular type of priest. Is he a model for today’s priest? Do the common people really know the thoughts of such a model? What did he write about sexuality for example?

Priests never know enough! Learning does not stop with the ordination to priesthood. Priests should be encouraged to continue to sharpen their skills in many ways….