Bishops are part of the higher hierarchy in the church. They are expected to pass on the Pope’s message. One does not expect the bishops to be revolutionary. There is so much at stake if one bishop speaks on the contrary. Notwithstanding this situation, some Belgian and German bishops speak the truth. They urged the church to make celibacy optional!,,6042767,00.html

It’s the part of the iceberg which could be seen by everybody. Yet there are many others who speak in favour of optional celibacy but would never dare to say such thing in public or in front of the camera! In religion we are still afraid to say the truth. If one speaks his mind, then he will face some consequences so that’s why silence still reigns supreme especially in such a small island like that of Malta (but also in other countries). People want their children to go to a Catholic school because they are afraid of public schools. They want to baptise their child in church; holy communion; confirmation and the marriage as otherwise the village people would start to gossip about them….and so it’s a vicious circle!

Others have said plain and clear that the church is obsessed with sex! Why is it that we make people feel so much guilt and blame when it comes to sex and not in business? How is it that the church in some countries has so many shares in particular banks? Is this according to the gospel? This is just one issue which puts people away from the church because they see it as totally against the gospel. No justifications can ever justify such actions when on the other hand a firm hand is applied to sex related situations!

People who are unchurched know so well the prohibitions about sex! Because of this they simply stop hearing what the church has to say about other important things such as peace, justice, family, relations etc…..The church is becoming an outsider in the western hemisphere. People decide notwithstanding what the church says (keep in mind the consumption of contraceptives).

Another surprising fact is that people really know so little about the teaching of the church. Mainly this is because the church simply still uses old fashioned means of communication to proclaim its teaching. In fact if one just interviews people coming out from the Sunday mass, one would be really surprised as even church goers don’t really know the teaching of the church!!

There are still some people who wish to overexpose and make the problem of time management look so big that consequently it’s impossible to have married priests! Well the Pope himself is accepting Anglican married priests as Catholic priests! And this is a fact and not an opinion. Secondly we wish to refer to so many jobs today which require many hours and on delicate matters. Nobody ever suggested to these people NOT to marry because of the consequences to the family!

Married priests are never perfect (like unmarried priests), but the fact that they are living a life in a family they are facing the normal problems like everybody else. In fact we have married priests whose children are atheists, or their partners are unchurched. It makes them more sincere when it comes to human problems. It makes the priest speak down to earth as the congregation would know about his family life immediately. The non married priest has most of the time a hidden life. He might not be so inspirational to others because they don’t see him facing life’s challenges. They have all sort of prejudices about him. The married priest has a family which is publicly known to all.