We are not happy that such news came out, that Maltese priests were found to have sexually abused children in Malta Cattolicissima. We are not happy that people leave the church. We are not happy that priests’ image is tarnished. Yet the writing was on the wall….We had been writing about this. It’s not only we, but many others. Yet we and others are labelled as anti-clerical or church haters. All this damage could have been avoided if timely action was taken many many years ago.

Many people say that such abuse exists everywhere. Yes it’s true. But when other adults abuse children they don’t have such a fine line of defence! It’s not the sexual abuse as such which took people by surprise but rather the way the church handled this fiasco. It continued to deny for too long. Then it transferred priests to other parishes with devastating results. Right now it still doesn’t have a policy where abusive priests are reported to the police. Instead they still prefer an in-house justice system. Such a line of policy has been proved futile and abusive in itself when used by other companies or simply others.

We still believe that all abuses by any person/s are bad but when done by a priest it’s totally different. The spiritual priest in the eyes of a child is nearly like that of a god. So one can imagine what happens when the child realises that the priest is abusive….

The married priest is not special, yet in this case he is in a better position to understand better how innocent and pure small children are! He knows that he is truly a hero in his eyes. He can understand better when a father fails his own children. Being a father 24/7 makes him exam himself in order to see if he is a truly a good father or not. His own children will be a continuous test in order to practice what he preaches.


Seven years were too many to wait for an answer. Let’s be positive about it. We started the ball rolling. But let’s see if justice is done after all these years!

The Maltese priest had a special name abroad. Will this image change now?

Catholics are changing. Maybe it has to do with the sexual abuse or not. But the problem is: are they listening or are they discarding those who leave as simply trouble makers, or sinners?

Homily [in Maltese] It will be available for a short period of time.