Ignorance is the best way to command people. If people don’t know anything about any subject, then the dictator can stay in power for a long time. It’s the same thing with the Catholic Church. If people don’t know their religion, their leaders can say anything and it can go unchallenged for many years.

The issue of married priesthood reveals that most of the so called Catholic people are ignorant when it comes to their rights in the Catholic Church. In fact most of the newspapers still use the term ‘ex-priest’. Well a priest is FOREVER. No one can delete his identity even if he is in jail etc….

Now Married priests are already present in the Catholic Church! Contrary to popular belief, there are actually currently many married priests. Simply googling “married Catholic priest” turns up the names of several, many of which have websites.
See, there are 23 rites [what’s a RITE?] of the Catholic Church. The Latin rite, more commonly referred to as “Roman” is far and away the most popular rite, and so it is often the only one people know exists. Even some Catholics don’t know of the other rites. It is also the only rite in which married priests are not allowed. But in every single one of those other rites, you can be a married priest. If a person is married and wants to become a priest, all they have to do is join one of the 22 other, perfectly valid, rites of the Church.

Now a priest in one of those rites had made a wonderful declaration! He spoke about the Latin Rite and that it should allow married priests.

Another said that in difficult and violent situations, a married priest does not go away. So in fact the family helps the priest perform his duties better contrary to some beliefs that a family hinders the priests’ work!

Another bishop questions celibacy…we like it and appreciate it a lot but why do they talk in an open manner when they are retired ?

All that is happening worldwide is like the writing on the wall….the church must change.

Do they listen? Well the Pope finally called for a special meeting with the Cardinals. Is there a message they need to listen to?

Hans Kung is of the few that is not afraid to call a spade a spade. He has a special relationship with the Pope too.

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