We think that the whole world knows about what the Pope said in these last days. He admitted that in some (not always) difficult conditions condoms maybe acceptable! Finally we are studying reality and not medieval principles. Some people already published their comments about condoms. So who arrived to this conclusion before the Pope what should we say to him now? And what about those who died or are with many children because of obeying to the Pope, what can we tell them now ???

We always tried to explain that the word of God is not just a book but rather the experience of the believing community. The Second Vatican Council amply explained that the conscience has a very important role to play. Many good catholics already have reached such conclusion yet those high up in the church continued to speak the same language. The problem is not the condoms but rather the fact that in the Latin Rite priests are not married. Consequently they can’t feel the effects of some decisions to the common people. How can one condemn a couple for using a condom? How can one judge and know what goes between a couple? How can one make love and has to be open to a new life? And what about the health of the woman? What about the health (pscyhology) of those already born or yet to be born? There are endless questions which now may resurface because of such decision. I think it’s a golden opportunity to make the church more realistic and very near the common people. The danger is to continue speaking the same language without listening to the common people. Condoms

The other problem created by Pope Benedict XVI was that he mentioned male homosexual prostitutes can use condoms. At the same time in the Catechism of the Catholic Church section 2357: “Homosexual acts are acts of grave depravity…homosexual acts are intrinsically disordered”. Now why did he mention gays specifically without mentioning heterosexual couples?

A heterosexual couple living within the loving relationship of the sacrament of marriage cannot use a condom, and if they do cannot receive communion until they go to confession, confessing this grave sin [why?].

It leads to another dangerous question: are most of the clergy gay then?

Parishes without a priest….what do they do? Here is another example of how people who live the daily reality, face a particular problem and have to make a decision. Where are those in authority?

What will happen to the church today? See the following link.

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