Sorry for publishing our thoughts three days late…….but we are still here and fully alive!! We wish all our readers a merry Christmas and that may God be born in your heart once again!

How do you feel if your own children are not wanted in church? This excellent article by a distraught mother of little ones is a good reason for having “Home Masses”. Incidentally, this is the way it all got started back in the early days when we didn’t have “Grand theatre” size churches.Where does it say that Jesus wanted us to pack people like sardines into mammoth buildings so that they can “fulfil their Sunday obligation?”

Naturally, bishops and pastors don’t want to hear of such suggestions because then they can’t count heads or money..Where can we get enough priests to handle Home Masses? let’s begin with married priests.There are thousands out there in cities and towns across the country. Then how about ordained deacons who are banned from celebrating because they are mostly married men. Then how about ordaining women and other laity who simply want to serve their fellow men and women. And, we wouldn’t be panicking about closed churches and too few canonical priests. There weren’t any in Jesus’ time either. He said “Wherever there are two or more gathered in my name, there am I in their midst.” If we want reform, let’s get back to the basics….
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The trick has been that priests who leave the parish are sometimes looked on as traitors or as somebody who is not living according to the teaching of the church! Most of them suffer from what we call a “character assassination”. One of our readers has been doing a wonderful research work on the celibacy issue. He has found out that in fact asking for celibacy is against the true teaching of the church!! Mandatory celibacy is against the Deposit of faith!

Facts speak louder than words! The fact that the Pope is letting in married priests albeit from other religions is preparing the way so that one day married priests will be an option in the Latin rite of the Catholic Church. Even traditionalists are confused with the celibacy issue…..
Married Priests

Literature sometimes is the reading of the future….what about the Pope’s wife?…..It is a novel published recently….
Pope’s Wife

Somebody is calling for new teaching in the church by writing a new encyclical…..Sexual Morality encyclical………but will it bring the same old story ?? Let’s listen to the people, let’s listen to other sciences……..if not it’s useless to recycle the old teaching!
Sexual Morality

Some of the opponents to married priesthood have a particular type of spirituality….some people are putting under scrutiny some of these…obviously not all of them. What’s behind the traditionalists mind and soul?

We believe that married priesthood is not just one matter which needs to be discussed but rather a whole new image of the church today. It’s not just the church in one country but rather worldwide. Church in Ireland in need of radical renewal, says leading prelate
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