We normally grumble against something which we don’t like. It’s part and parcel of life. But grumbling alone won’t solve any problem. We know that we need some time to grumble to let go anger but we know too that our brains should use the energy looking for a solution. Several reports of closing of parishes have spread all over the world. It’s not a one case scenario but it has been repeated several times. Priests leaving the parish are not a rare experience. Others are not attending the parish at all. Who is going to look after the community (parish)?

It’s time that the laity acts as adults in faith and takes over. The laity (the baptised who are not priests or nuns), should be prepared immediately in order to bring faith to the rest of the community.

The Pope is accepting more married priests in the church. Hence the future is being secured for married priests.

But every event has its own effects. The Anglicans being accepted as catholic married priests is not making everybody happy. Some people are totally confused.

I think they are right. How come catholic priests cannot marry and then one accepts married priests from other faiths? The Pope has to answer to these questions.

Homilies [in Maltese]