Most don’t talk in public. They avoid personal questions. They live in a hidden world. One will never get to know this hidden reality unless somebody reveals it. This is so in the case of when somebody falls in love with a priest. We have received countless emails on this subject, by priests and both by men and women. We never take any decision as we make it clear that it’s up to the person to decide what to do. But we do write about possible consequences before taking the final decision. Hence today we are publishing such an article which puts on some light when falling in love with a priest. In Africa, many are having secret relationships.

Other priests have left the parish. There is no one solution or option. Some leave the faith. Others join other believing communities. Others serve the people as married priests. Some say that would never serve again in the Catholic Church even if married priests would be allowed! What’s interesting is what some write about their ‘hidden forces’ which forced them to become Catholic Priests! Consequently they faced a lot of pressure to wed their future wife. It makes interesting reading.

We’ve been saying it for many times now. The parishes are changing very fast as it is shown in this article.

We were very happy that German politicians have called for married priesthood. They too are realising that many parishes are facing big difficulties as priests are always less. They are just asking for a practical solution in order to survive!

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