Believe it or not this famous phrase has been said by the present Pope, Benedict XVI. Now why is he not saying it any more? What could have changed his opinion? Is the situation better today or is it worse? How are we going to solve the problem of lack of priests? We are not against celibate priests but we are in favour of married priests because they bring a new spring in the church. The fact that they are married they should bring a new spirituality in the church.

This is another sad story where a priest had to make a choice between love for a woman and priesthood. This is not the last story neither the first one. When are we going to accept that marriage is not an inferior sacrament? When are we going to see marriage not as a hindrance to priesthood but rather the re-focus on more important aspects of priesthood?

It’s not the first time that I hear a few people calling other people to come back to the church. Do they realise the reasons why some of them left? Did they interview them? Do they really know these people? Some of them have important questions about lots of things.

Married priests are not the magic bullet! Although we always believe in freedom of thought, we allowed this opinion to appear on our pages it does not mean that we agree with it. We respect this opinion and let the readers make their choice. On the other hand, we wish to make it very clear that we never thought that simply letting priests getting married would solve all the problems. It’s the same thing as when they are in formation for so many years. Priests have to spend many years in a seminary in order to be taught theology. Yet some of them still don’t know the basics of theology. Yet no one thinks of not forming the future priests in the seminary for some years at least!

We are of the opinion that marriage in itself is a great help to keep the priest grounded in today’s world. It’s just a help. It’s like the sacraments, they are of great help to our spiritual lives but then there are priests who although the celebrate the sacraments everyday, yet their lives is far from a living reflection of our Lord. So it’s the same with marriage, there could be priests who although they are married they may end up alienated just the same.

Living as a celibate one may lead to alienation although we are ready to admit that it does not occur in all cases. Yet the fact of not having a family may lead one to have an alienated life.

The reason we believe in married priesthood is that our Lord has chosen married men for priesthood. He could have chosen unmarried ones yet he chose married ones. So there should be a good reason to do so. Not allowing married priests would put the whole biblical experience in a bad light. If the bible is so important, why do we ask for unmarried priests which are not the norm in the Bible?

German speaking theologians are asking the Pope to make radical changes in the church. Some of them are his own colleagues. Will he listen to them right now?
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