We’ve been insisting so many times: there is the need for a big change in the Catholic Church. Who is going to start from step 1? Who is going to be responsible for such change? We can’t simply wait for the others to do their part. Everybody should do his part. We have started already by making a very clear choice: we are married and we are Catholic priests. We firmly believe that married priesthood will bring about a new chapter in the church.

The magazine The Tablet too has finally sounded a very clear message towards married priesthood!

Others have simply called it crisis time for the church. Others point out that when the church controls everything, then one day it will be a big problem.

We have received fresh stories of priests making love to women. They are not just a few. They are not old stories which are being re-told for many times. Please don’t ignore the problem. Many priests simply cannot cope with celibacy!

We have an interesting story. Instead of the most know stories of Anglican priests becoming Catholic priests, we know got to know of Catholic priests who turned Anglican! Can anyone ask why? Is one willing to hear their own version of their personal story?

Homilies (Maltese)