I’m sure that most of our readers are baffled. They can’t understand but nor can we. It’s has been quite common to accept married men from other religions as Catholic priests but now in this case the woman is a nun. They have permission to remain as a married couple although no one knows if they still live together or not. Even if they are given the permission to live together, it surely raises some questions about herself being a nun! If they don’t live together any more than what type of marriage is this? Is this a repetition of a very old image where married people, when they are proclaimed as saints, they are immediately pronounced as having a non sexual relationship? In that case, then what’s so bad about sex? Check for yourselves all the details. What makes Germany very interesting these days is the above case and the discussion about celibacy.

Another priest has admitted of having an affair for around 15 years. He is one of the few who has spilled the beans. We know for sure that there are many more. Yet he has come clean in order to live what he really believes in. Being honest and open won’t be accepted by everyone. He will receive the criticism of many people yet in his conscience he is in peace. This is our experience. We all remember when we told our catholic and Pope loving families, that we were leaving the parish. Our true friends showed support and told us how brave we were. Some others told us that we were going to be prophetic in the sense that we were anticipating the future of the church. On a general level, priests leaving the parish were the most energetic and loving of them all. So surely the question is raised: what’s happening in the church?

Other priests didn’t leave the parish yet they are highly critical of a lot of things in the church. Some criticisms are far more harsher than those than by non-believers or the so-called anti-clerical people!

Seeing all this, some believers can become angry and violent with the church. Yet we always encourage people to stay calm, notwithstanding the situation of the sexual abuse of priests. This is because those who should listen would simply label all criticism simply as some hotheads are speaking!! Yet we have to protest in a democratic way and what’s more important let’s start our communities around married priests to show the people what kind of church we can offer. It is the model of the apostles after all. We are not inventing the wheel but rather making it more popular as it used to be in the good old days!

Homilies [in Maltese]