Most of the common people may have not studied theology, yet they are capable of understanding what’s good for the church. They all agree that mandatory celibacy is outdated! They sense God’s word in a different way. Very few priests in the church, most parishes are closing or are being forced to merge with other parishes…..for how long are we going to witness all this? We need married priests to restore the original priesthood as the early priests were married. Otherwise they fear that they won’t celebrate the Eucharist any more! The Eucharist is the life of the church. If we wish to see the church in the future, we need the Eucharist.

Others whilst they value the place of celibacy they make a call in order to make it optional. Both types of priesthood could survive and offer different carisms or spiritualities in the church.

We are used to hear of so many Anglican priests who convert to Roman Catholicism. What about Roman Catholic priests who convert to other religions? Sometimes one of them just speaks up why did he change faith and the listeners are astounded!

Whilst some of the priests leave the parish and remain anonymous, Milingo is moving ahead. Whether one likes him or not he is moving forward. Where are all the married priests? There should be enough to make a difference. We need to form one group in order to make a little bit of sound and make people aware of the situation in the church.

Homilies [in Maltese]