One of the phrases which is so powerful to explain the current situation in the Catholic Church is double standards. Whilst good priests have to leave because they wish to get married after finally falling in love, another married priest from another religion is accepted and could work in the same parish where the former priest has left!! Try to explain that to the common people! It’s really unjust and makes people go away from the church and adore God silently in their homes. The official church obviously tries to play it down by simply saying that the former priest has promised to live celibacy all his life. Well, at what age did he decide? Was he in position to promise such a thing? Most of the priests came from very good families where everybody wanted them to become priests, hence indirectly putting pressure on the future priests. Most of the priests never had a proper date. Hence they were ‘blind’ to make such a life long decision. Surely one main reason remains: And what about the Holy Bible where most of the apostles were married?

Another positive aspect of married priesthood is surely the view on women. Most celibate priests have some sort of prejudices against women. One married priest is not afraid of spilling the beans….One of the most offending things against women is that in many parts of the world they do priceless work in the parish, yet they are rarely given the right to speak during official meetings or liturgies!!!

We receive many letters from people who have fallen in love with priests. Sometimes it’s the priest himself who writes to us. We have decided to provide a link to an appropriate website in order to avoid writing the same things all over again. Just go to this link. Obviously, as each case is different, we are ready to hear from all our readers. We wish to make it clear: we never take a decision for the person. We just help the person to face important questions and possible consequences. It’s up to each couple to make the decision together.

More priests are getting married as life in the parish becomes more hectic and lonely for the non-married priest. It’s so surprising that the priest speaks so much about love and yet it’s very rare that he experiences love personally. It’s so beautiful when love makes him a different priest: more attentive to people’s needs and more understanding to different people.

One of the challenges of married priesthood is that the people with whom he works shoulder to shoulder, are so hurt by the church or alienated by its teaching, that they won’t step inside another church. But some of them succeed in bringing some hard ones back to church! This proves that married priests administer to those who are at the periphery of the church.

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