No one can deny that many people were present for today’s event in Rome, at the Vatican. Another Pope is on the road to sainthood. The difference is that it is too soon. There are still many questions which need to be answered if he is to be a model for the others: what did he do about illicit relationships of priests? What about the sexual abuses of innocent children? It seems that the so called image of the church was much more important than the healthy development of adults or innocent children. There is the calling of so many theologians for their writings who were silenced or else thrown out from their offices or cathedras or their post of teaching for not adhering with the teaching of the Pope. There are other questions but obviously we don’t wish to sound as if we are totally against. We are not mentioning his good deeds not because we don’t want to, but seeing most of the Catholic reporting, it seems that they are saying all the good deeds without mentioning any of the questions above. So we feel the need to present this image of the late Pope because of our mature audience who have experienced some form of torture (most of the time a silent one), for having left the parish and said yes to love, and who surely won’t be scandalised by our line of thought because they surely know a different side of Pope John Paul II. Link.

It’s a fact that the Catholic church still denies that these illicit relationships run into thousands! They simply discard figures as simply exaggerated or not accurate at all. But the man in the street knows that they are true and that they happen in all countries. The church is happy to keep its priests in ‘prison’ and not let them experience love with all its consequences including taking care of the fruit of love! On the other hand this Easter another group of Anglicans were accepted into the Catholic Church. The dilemma grows bigger and bigger. Why are they accepted together with their wives and the Catholic priest cannot have a wife? The man in the street doesn’t want a theological explanation. He starts from the daily experience. In some cases a priest left because he wanted to have a full relationship with a person he fell in love with, only to be replaced by a married priest who just happens to come over from the Anglican faith! Who would accept such reasoning?

This is one of the reasons why people desert the church. Some reasoning is simply not accepted by the common people. The church needs to truly listen to the voice of God through its own people. Nobody can claim monopoly on God! History has proved this principle when many times there were healthy but normal people, who brought the church to its senses and recovered the true path to God.

Homilies [in Maltese]