We are just publishing the last item about the divorce referendum in Catholic Malta. It proves once again that the church, like any other political or commercial corporation needs to make a self examination on what went wrong. It’s useless to cry over spilt milk. It’s useless to blame others. The best answer would be to read the sign of the times and CHANGE. After all many of those who voted in the referendum do use condoms and do many other things which at face value seem to go against the church’s rule. So why not those in authority change the rules ? It’s not a contradiction if many of those living the gospel today do it. When many others do it then it becomes the norm. After so many years it becomes a rule. That’s how many things changed in the past in the history of the church.

On a general level the Catholic Church has had quite a shock when the sexual abuse surfaced. Strictly speaking the church knew all about it. It was shocked because a few people had the courage to go over the hidden and powerful walls of secrecy and told the world (with terrible consequences on their personal lives) of what was really happening. Now instead of admitting the bad things one is trying to blame others for it ! I know of some personal priests who in private used to tell me: Why do you write about the sexual abuse? Stop it as it causes harm to the church. So it proves once more that the church is more caring about its image than about the well being of those who suffered these experiences!

Fortunately we are NOT part of the mob who wish to dismantle the church and bury it for ever. We are always the first to show the way forward and recover from any bad experience. We are linking to an article where some catholics are already pointing the way to go.

Other authors are a little bit more brave and go into unknown lands or else they feel the need to go for different solutions.

On the other hand some positive news as another married man is ordained as a Catholic Priest! The numbers are growing and will continue to grow for sure. This is not without effects. Obviously in some communities a priest left because he fell in love and another married one took his place!!!! That’s for some mind boggling exercise…

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