It has been a common question by many readers who want to know who are the priests who leave the parish. What do they do? Where are they employed? What is their connection with religion now? Do they believe in God?

Well we can’t answer for all the priests yet from our experience not all of them want to continue to function as liturgical priests (ie say mass for the people and celebrate other sacraments). But that doesn’t mean that they are not using their priesthood! We are publishing just one story but it doesn’t mean that it’s the only story in the world. Remember leaving the parish is a very touching personal story and not all the priests feel comfortable to publish details about their private life.

Some of them are realising true priesthood because they have left the comfort zone. They have to struggle like all other human beings to make both ends meet. They see with the eyes of the common people. They see who are the ones who are lacking behind and consequently preach a personal message of salvation. They are in a new wonderful position to start making changes in society. They would be respected not just for being called ‘father’ and maybe because of belonging to a strong church, but rather for his own merits.

Other people, celebrating Eucharist Sunday, are seeing the threat of priestless parishes looming on the horizon. They are calling for optional celibacy. Celibacy is not an easy thing to live with. We all know that not all the priests are capable of living it. Why not make it optional? Why not call the married priests?

Homilies [in Maltese]