If one disobeys one could be classified as rebellious, or of not being in synchronisation with his superiors and community. Others could copy his attitude and hence one could be accused of ‘bad’ influence on the rest of the community. That is the negative interpretation. Yet some brave people chose to disobey in order to put forward their ideals. The great Indian leader Gandi being one of the most known in recent times.

What about the case of priests? Surely people who are not aware of how a priest lives cannot comprehend the mentioned situation. Mostly will regard it as outrageous yet most of the parents or family members of the priests who know all the trials a priest must live by, see the other side of the coin. If the bishops have listened more than once and nothing has changed, what other options will a priest have? How would you react if your son was a priest and was discriminated against? What if he is being persecuted by his own church? I still remember the words of a priest loving mum: “if I knew what was going on inside the parish, I would have asked him to leave priesthood!” Well just read the article to know more….

Sex, Celibacy and Priesthood is the unusual writing of a bishop who tries to deal with some of the well known problems in priesthood, which the people at the top try to avoid. Where are the other bishops? Why don’t they write sincerely when addressing people? Or do they prefer not to stir the still waters?

Other people are trying to establish Catholic Rights. It all points out that Catholics are becoming truly adults in faith. They feel the need to tell their version and to be truly listened to. The writings are in German but could easily be translated to English just using an online dictionary or add-on to your browser.

The American Catholic Council has met and there was a lot of feedback. Now if the authorities simply disregard it, it means that other people would leave the church. The big picture is that many Catholics are speaking and showing the way. Now we need to calmly read the signs of the times and move forward. Not listening would simply damage the image of the church in the eyes of the common people. In theological words we would be disregarding the sensus fidelium which has theological implications.

Homily [in Maltese]