We’ve been reporting many things about the church, priests etc…this time we are reporting about the situation of the Catholic Church in Malta. We are not happy to see such damage to the Catholic Church. We obviously know that not all the priests are like that. Yet the bishops knew about these two. Instead of taking action they simply transferred the priests and persecuted those who were saying the truth. It’s a mea culpa.

What’s more is that while the whole world is reporting that they were sent to prison yet they are still free. This obviously boggles the mind of all law loving people. They are publicly sent to prison yet they are still free. What’s the reason? This is more damaging then the fact that these were the two first catholic priests sent to prison because of sexual abuse. If you wish to follow more details, just follow the links.

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The gay culture in the Catholic Priesthood, is no joke. Homosexuals have every right to have a love life. Yet officially the church, whilst having many gay priests still claims that any sexual encounter is a sin. Consequently the homosexual priests have either the duty to rebel against the church or else pack and leave. Just being gay in the underworld makes it worse. It’s another bomb waiting to explode.

It clearly shows, together with the sexual abuse of innocent children, that the Catholic Church is suffering some type of sexual problem. Sex was created by God but the catholic church has only recently accepted this fact. Two thousand years of history cannot be cancelled in a short time. Most priests are still not comfortable when asking questions about sex. Most of them give book-type answers. On a personal level, most priests are not mature to handle celibacy. Some priests are simply alcoholic, others do have sex with women and others prefer to travel, have expensive houses, cars etc… in order to fill the void of celibacy.

The common people call for married priests. We cannot simply say that married people too abuse so there is no need of married priests. When we say we are in favour of married priests, we don’t have in mind just the sexual abuse but rather the big picture. It’s a fact that the woman in the church is not treated with respect it deserves. It’s not a frail sex person but rather partners. Being a married priest would not just preach but live this truth. The woman is the one who stays behind her husband in all times. It’s the one who gives a courage, opinion, help and other useful things which the unmarried priest doesn’t have. The woman does see things differently, thank God. It helps the priest see things from another point of view.

Secondly, having a family, the priest would simply realise how many times the official church has lost precious time in futile battles instead of focusing on the family or on family friendly measures. The family would help him focus on the real issues such as that sex is not about playing with people but rather having a deep relationship with a person and growing up in various human elements. Most of the priests discover the beauty of relationships when falling in love with a woman or with a significant other. Actually they would start studying theology from the practical point of view. This change obviously effects their way of life, their way of praying, preaching, loving etc….

The changing face of the parishes in the Western World should be a mind opener. Our parishes are not going to have future eucharistic meetings if there won’t be enough priests! Let’s call married priests in order that our religion survives!

Some married catholic priests have to change religion if they follow their loving partner. Some still feel guilty for this choice, owing to many years of propaganda against priests who have rebelled against forceful celibacy. Yet, we all agree that we have lost a good number of priests for this reason and now we are admitting married priests, albeit protestant/anglican ones!!!

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