One has to be fair: let’s publish some of the common myths against married priesthood in the Catholic Church. This to ensure that we do read comments of those who are against our ideas! We do take them seriously but sincerely we’ve been hearing them for quite a long time now. Problems of Married Priesthood. We do agree on one point though: the wife and his priest have to be trained about future challenges in their married life.

Sincerely though, we do believe that the biggest threat for married priesthood in the Catholic Church is the payment challenge. Is the church ready to fork out more money for a married priest?

One of the main advantages of married priesthood is that the priest already lives in communion with his family. Taking care of a family makes him live the community aspect because he cannot just forget the daily practical needs of his own family. In other words, his family is the training ground for his mission. He then can live it on a larger scale: parish community. Church as a communion.

Wake Up call! Wake up is a good expression for the church to see what is happening the whole world. Let’s change our priorities and let’s let the common people speak about their daily experiences. The Second Vatican Council (meeting for all Catholic bishops), was original in this sense: not teach principles and let people apply them but rather read the principles in people’s daily lives! In order words start from experience and extract your principles from there.

Homily [in Maltese]