Some people put forward the idea that if priests get married they won’t abuse their children. We never jump into conclusions. First of all, if this theory is correct, we insist on having married priests not simply to avoid sexual abuse of minors but for other reasons.

An archbishop of the Catholic church simply repeated what we’ve been hearing all the time: that married people abuse their children too. But the real question remains: What’s the percentage of married people who abuse their children?

A married priest writes about his life and struggles….but he is NOT the only one as the title suggests. There are many more in the world. In fact 40 priests in Africa quit because of the Celibacy rule. In Africa it means a lot as many get to priesthood because one would be assured of the daily bread plus other necessities! What makes them make such a bold move because after all priesthood means a lot for priests?

In Austria what started as a protest is becoming more strong than a simple protest. Will they listen or rather prefer to impose their ideas?

We still think that women are still viewed in a negative way when we mention married priests! She is still seen as the devil in some parts of the world. We should give a helping hand to some women who are progressing in their spirituality.

Who are the people who are going to church? And who are the people who are not going to church? We should always take care of both of them and look for honest answers.

Now seeing some intelligent people leaving the church, can we ignore them? Can we continue on insisting on the same ideas? Is the word of God simply a book? What about what other people are saying? Can we simply shut up opposition or different ideas?