It seems that every now and then, we see light at the end of the tunnel. It’s official, that a person in the Vatican occupying an important role, makes a bold step forward: let dispensed priests play an active role parish role! Dispensed priests are those priests who left active priesthood in order to get married (in most cases).

We are happy that somebody took such a decision. I know that most married priests are very suspicious. Other people in the church maybe are not happy at all with such decision but this is the result of years of mistrust from both sides! Seeing God’s hand in such action, we should embrace such a decision. We were never afraid to criticise the church. But if we just criticise, and we don’t do anything, then we are just armchair critics! Sorry but we were always very careful not to be just critics. We want to help. We want to say how to improve the church’s meaning for the common people. We wish to make the church more popular.

Personally these last months we’ve been helping in a parish. We can talk to the pastor of the parish. He would see and understand our views as a married priest and his wife. If we don’t talk, how can we expect them to change? On the other hand we listen to his views too. We know that dialogue is not easy and is never going to be easy but if we wish to see married priests in the parishes somebody has to start talking with higher authorities. Let’s open our hands and hearts for dialogue.

The married priesthood is not just in Europe and in America but in other continents too. Let’s go to the Latin American continent.

One of our arguments in favour of married priesthood is surely that celibacy does not form part of priesthood. Just looking at the apostles we see that most of them were married. Now this is what causes Christians to abandon the church. In some arguments people present the bible (ie apostolic experience) but in other arguments they use another type of argument. If Christ selected married priests, are we more intelligent in saying: look, it’s better to have unmarried priests?! Are we going to use the bible as a criteria or not? If not, why? Then what would the people think about such decisions? How then can we present the bible in order to present our views, for example against divorce? How can we justify that the church may have a commercial bank?

The celibacy decision was a really bad one. A very good author has done a lot of research to see why did the church took such a decision. Prepare yourselves for lots of surprises which makes you realise that people who teach, sometimes they teach only one idea! Most of the times we decide on what we heard or on what we were taught. But if that content was not correct ??!

We are presenting our views about what makes the church less credible in today’s world. We wish to write that the Second Vatican Council, a meeting for all Catholic Bishops which took place between 1963-1965, put the Catholic church ahead of all other religions. If the Catholic Church is all bad then the Second Vatican Council is the way which makes her alive and fully compatible with today’s life. But alas, many decisions are making the clock go back in the Catholic church!

Another so called by-product of the Second Vatican Council, was the creation of small communities which turned the parish (or the church) in something really biblical and truly Catholic! Why don’t we hear any more about such small communities?

On the first of October people living in Malta can ask for divorce. Are we going to let them down by quoting the bible in a bad way? If this is going to be the way forward for the Catholic church in Malta then we, as married priests, we offer all our support (in administering sacraments as well) to all divorced people. Do not hesitate to come forward as we feel that you are being discriminated against by misquoting the bible.

Homily [in Maltese]