The buzz word or expression is that the church must edge closer to the people [in Maltese]. It seems that some priests have taken the same path of politicians as they try to improve the image of the church. Yet how is the church going to be closer to the people? In Malta we now have divorce: how is the church going to deal with the new situation? It seems that prominent people in the church are trying to lure people back into the church yet they still cling to old fashioned thinking. Welcome to our church but keep in mind that you have to stick to our rules!!!

People, after listening to promising talks, come to realise that the teaching has hardly changed. They still see an old way of seeing things. So why all this fuss? We come to the same conclusion: most priests are living sheltered from today’s life. If one has a family he would be in a better position to be closer to people. We don’t want cheap talk, we want action. We want priests who are not imitating politicians trying to give a moderate opinion.

The fact is that many priests speak in one way in a private dialogue and in a totally different way when facing the public! How can they be the ones who change the church? History teaches us that big changes never came from managerial positions but rather from the common people! Because the common people have no other interest! They are facing real life problems. The speak about their experience. The same situation exists in all countries of the world but especially in Ireland.

As we’ve been writing for such a long time, speaking about change, the people need to see practical and tangible signs of change in the church.

One of the changes we expect is about celibacy. It changes the whole perspective in which a priest works. It changes his view about many things. It brings about real change!

Another priest who is in touch with the problems created by forced celibacy is trying to give a helping hand. On the other hand, the official church keeps going on the same teaching as if the problem does not exist! Where is the church [which should be closer to the people] if it doesn’t listen to its own priests ?

Homily [in Maltese]