It’s not the first time that some parishioners would ask any married catholic priest: but why did you chose to leave the parish and live in the periphery (or outside) of the church? Why did you abandon the church?

We know from various experiences that when a priest leaves, it’s a big shock to the rest of the parishioners. They look up to the priest as somebody who is very strong in his faith and obedience. Obviously some would be very eager to know his whereabouts. Some are very eager to know who was the woman who stole his heart!!

The married catholic priest is not simply looking for lust or for an adventure! He does not agree not only with celibacy being obligatory but also other things. During his previous reflection, he notices that the official church is slowly but surely drifting aloof of people. People have changed a lot but officially the Catholic church is still proclaiming the same old message. It does not really listen to people. Listening is just saying your version but at the end you have to agree with its rules. There would be no changes in the truth of the church, some claim in a high voice. Well this goes 100% against Pope John XXIII wishes’ during the council who called all sorts of people to listen to their opinion and who wanted to open a window to see the world!! The council of Trent, although popularly known to be a little bit on the conservative side by today’s standards, yet the way it took place was really progressive!

In fact we feel so comfortable with people who stopped attending the church. Others who have been truly expelled from the church; gays or lesbians; divorced and remarried people etc…. the list is long. There is no need to convince the married priest as he feels the same things. We always witness the eyes of the people who come to ask for spiritual help when living in so called extraordinary situations or living in sin!! Christ always kept in contact with the people who were discarded by the rest of the community. We feel that the church is simply creating divisions and expelling people, directly or indirectly.

The sexual abuse has amply shown that they care more about the image of the church then the true welfare of innocent people. Unfortunately this is not only about children but adults as well. The insistence of going against divorce has shown that they don’t care about relationships but rather simply observing a conservative interpretation of one line found in the gospel!

The primary problem is that Church appears “overprotective”. Approximately one quarter of youth people aged between 18 and 29 answered that in most cases, “Christians demonize anything that is outside the Church.” 22% stated that Churches ignore the problems of the real world, while 18% stated that their own Church seemed too preoccupied with the negative impact of movies, music and video games. These are just some of the reasons given for leaving the church and living outside the box!

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