The most threatening part in the present Catholic Church is to dare to be ‘different’. If one disagrees with the present hierarchy, one might be taken of being a member of another religion, especially of being a priest and having a wife! Yet when one tries to explain that we tend to hold on to the same religion as the one held by the interlocutor, then surprise or maybe outright rejection follows!

Well one surely understands that centuries of pure brain washing is not going away by clicking a few lines on the internet! Yet we surely believe that the Holy Spirit always holds some surprises. The fact that millions of people are considered to be living in sin or in an irregular situation, will be the catalyst of change! Experience makes people change their thinking or way of living and that’s what is going to be the agent of change in the church. In our case the fact that many parishes are closing in Western Europe and North America will force the church to make drastic changes. Some priests are trying to make an emergency call in the church. In another article the shortage of priests is making people ask the most important questions.

On the other hand, there will still be people who simply reject change. In the last days we noticed first a denial from higher hierarchy in the Vatican that they will call priests who left to come back and take part in their parish program. In another cases married deacons are not being ordained!

An interesting piece of news item is the situation in Austria where it is developing into a truly unique development in the church. It’s not some hotheads. It’s not just a few. It’s not an isolated accident. What’s the church going to do about it? And if other countries follow, what will happen?
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