It’s no secret that many priests and bishops wish to make the call for married priests. Yet something holds them in making a public statement. Nobody wants to rock the boat. Nobody wants to have an intellectual conflict or ruin the relationship with the rest of the church. The problem is who is going to make the first step? It’s not that we wish to create disobedience or ruin any relationship or cause spiritual disappointment. We are answering the call of Christians who feel the need of married priest instead of having none at all! We are answering the call to exercise our priesthood where the non-married priest is not coping at all or is not available. We insist that there are laws in the church which call for married priesthood. We are not going against the Catholic Law.

Other Christians have grown up in their spiritual journey and ask explicitly for married priests. They have various reasons. It’s not that we forced our doctrine into their minds but rather they have made a big step forward in their relationship with God. How can we refuse our services?

We are publishing the story of another priest. Is it a problem to do pastoral work and have a family? What about earning a living for the family? These and other issues are answered in this article. He is very frank about his life story….

In tiny and Catholic Malta we had a positive surprise. The bishops themselves are calling for a change in the church. They are referring to people who are used to prayer, to life, to their job and to many other things. Maybe their call is focused on Christians and not on the teaching of the church. But let’s be positive and move forward.