Any big corporation or company will dedicate some of its time in recruiting new people. People grow up naturally hence those working for a company may reach retirement age and leave work besides other exists before pension age. Now if they wish to survive, they need new people. The Catholic Church knows quite clearly that in the Western hemisphere vocations for priesthood are dwindling and according to some studies one won’t expect them to get any better. So who is thinking at the top of the church? Are we going to let so many people without the Eucharist?

Married priesthood may be a partial solution. But changing to optional celibacy and letting some priests to get married is not simply because of lack of priests! It’s the reading of the times called for by Pope John XXIII. God is not confined to the bible although the bible itself proves that in the early age priests were married!

Today we need to witness of a married priesthood for other married couples. We need to see priests who are facing the same situation as that of other common people. It’s more important for today’s priest to be amongst the people in order to meet them, as most of them are not coming to church! Many parishes are being considered as truly missionary as people don’t know the basic principles of our faith.

Why were priests stopped from getting married? What were the true reasons? Historically there are several questions which indicate that the Catholic Church was not contemplating the early church’s praxis. It simply wanted to guard her temporal powers. Consequently it saw that the married priest was a loophole in which material possessions might get lost. The only way was to forbid any marriage for priests……so if one day St. Peter comes back we will simply NOT accept him for priesthood simply because he is married!!!

Why do people leave the church? That’s the million dollar question. Are we prepared to hear the truth or do we regard those who criticize the way we lead the church as arrogant, ignorant in religious matters, or they need to learn more about obedience, respect, theology etc….??? The interesting fact is that most of them find themselves comfortable talking with a married priest!! In fact in our gatherings most of the married priests welcome back lapsed Catholics and they find an enriching spiritual experience.

What about the situation where priests can chose if they want to be married or not? Some people are already prepared for it. Others need a little bit of evangelisation. If one wishes to find more experiences than type in Married Priests Websites in your favourite Search Engine.