Most married people work outside the family. The work for long hours. They still have babies and they do care about them. We never understood the question of why a priest cannot keep a family and a parish at the same time? There are so many demanding jobs today, why do they focus on the priest? It’s not only the married priest who has to find quality time with his children but rather many people who go to work for long hours too. So it’s useless to cry for old family models where the women could stay at home and tender the young. Nowadays both parents work outside their home in order to earn enough money.

A Catholic married priest with nine children will surely dissolve the idea that the priest does not have time for ministry and family! One has to find quality time as in all other jobs nowadays.

Looking back at the Second Vatican Council, celebrated in Rome between 1962-1965, one cannot not be so nostalgic about it. What went wrong in the Catholic Church so as to go back in times? What made most of the cardinals interpret this council in rather an odd fashion way and give it what is popularly known as a ‘conservative look’?

Another author says the same things but is using different. Is it time for a Catholic Spring? Even if most of those in authority misuse the bible saying that they have the whole truth in their hands, most of the people are calling for changes. This only amplifies the problem that those in authority are really alienated! Pope John XXIII was truly aware of the truth found in the Catholic church yet he called a council to open a window and see the world. Why is it that we prefer to go back? Maybe we’ll lose power? Money?

Homilies [in Maltese]