Another priest had the guts to name the big challenge for the church: that of forced celibacy. He is no ordinary priest but he is a priest who has earned three Nobel Peace Prize nominations for his work about saving hundreds of children from a life of sexual abuse in the Philippines. So surely he knows what he is talking about. He knows many hidden stories. He knows many secrets. He knows the effects of a sexual abuse. He knows the powerful hand of the oppressor. He knows the innocence of so many children. If he makes such a statement we need to take heed. We need to listen. We are on the brink of a disaster.

Priests are NOT celibate at all. Don’t think it’s just a few. Many of them are turning around the celibacy rules in many ways and means. Many people know that many non-married priests are gay.

Celibacy and priesthood should not be tied together especially when reading the gospel and finding out that priests were married!! Maybe the only problem is money? Maybe we don’t have enough money to give to the priest in order to support his family too?

A priest is lost because of NOT following the book (the missal or book used for mass). No it’s not gossip nor glamour. It’s not light news but a true one. It happens that bishops sometimes make it such a big problem because they want the mass to be a mystery. If the priest tries to make it more understandable, then it’s very wrong. Now we have one less priest. Who won?

Other priests, because they care for the church, they see the need for a change. Anything in life needs to change. If we just see the creatures and all creation, it proves this theory. All animals or living things which did not change, they did not survive. Some priests are not only open to change but they try to listen and read people’s comments.

Keeping the tradition is very important for this bishop. Well we do agree 100% but which tradition? Is it that of married priests or to exclude girls from the altar? Who is right? Who is holding the true tradition? This is what this bishop misses completely! The gospel of today speaks about the mother in law. Did he preach the gospel of today, Sunday the 5th of February? Or did he preach his own interpretation of the gospel? Did he think that by acting in that particular way he was going to silence criticism or of those adhering to a different way of life in the church?

Homily {in Maltese}