We never thought that the bishops would make one big step back by calling contraception as something immoral. We are sure that 98% of Catholics do not listen to the bishops on this issue. Yet the bishops wish to create a storm in a teacup and call it immoral. We don’t want to enter into the merits of the present situation between the USA president and the Catholic bishops but surely trying to stop contraception from the part of the bishops is surely total nonsense.

We always believe that the people of God have every right to spell out God’s Word according to their own experience and intuition. Now most Catholics believe that they cannot have so many children or that they have to refrain from sex in order not to have children. In other cases the so called natural method is very risky. So what do the bishops want from their own flock? Who is going to provide to children when the family is without a job security? This shows again that the Catholic bishops are out of touch with today’s world!

Is the battle of the contraception a cover up of the present crisis of the church? Many parishes are closing or being amalgamated into bigger parishes. The contact between priests and the lay people is diminishing. Who cares? How can one educate the people of God if priests are not present?

It’s another reason why we need married priests. Married priests are all the time in the battlefield. They do not simply listen or visit some people. They are all the time facing the same difficulties as normal people do. We can testify ourselves in many examples how in married priesthood it puts us in a better position to understand married couples. We thought that sending children to catechism lessons in the parish is easy. Well, children take time to put on clothes, they take time to go to the parish, the catechism class and then they’ll come back. They never start doing their studies immediately. So just one hour of catechism classes is not just one hour but normally it means 3 to 4 hours!!! Most of the children once they go out, they can never concentrate again on their studies. We are not saying that we should not send our children to catechism classes but that it makes us aware of so many things as a married couple with children.