A church is part and parcel of one’s soul. Leaving a church is never an easy job. But nobody leaves it for simple reasons. One starts to ponder on several things before coming to the conclusion that one has to leave. The catholic married priest knows a lot about internal conflicts or faith conflicts because he has studied theology and the bible and on the other hand he sees the common conflicts in everyday life, in the church and in his personal life.

Because we firmly believe in our church (Catholic Church), we cannot leave, yet we form up our communities in order to nourish our faith and thinking in our contemporary walking journey. It’s not that we like to go out from the main community but it’s rather the main community’s blockage to accept some contemporary thinking by believing communities, that makes people form up their own communities. This is what makes others call to leave the church.

One of the main stumbling blocks is the area of sexuality. Many unmarried priests, in private say that the church needs to change. Yet nobody dares speak so in public as otherwise those in top would silence the priest. In fact this is one of the reasons many priests just leave the parish because they know that they are living in totalitarian state – the Catholic church! Others prefer to use the official language of the church in order to walk the safe route!

The married priest knows very well that there is a war going on against the women in the church. He feels he cannot support this war as he knows the amount of work and energy they donate to the church! Being married to a woman serves to understand woman better. He is not afraid of woman and he is not afraid to say that the woman in his life is the best spiritual experience! On the other hand, the fact that a man is allowed to become a priest when he is 80 years old, just after his wife died, is an insult to humanity! What’s so wrong with living with a woman as the apostles did after all?

The few ‘accepted’ married catholic priests who have converted from other religions, know really well, that the problem is a financial one as their pay pockets have been reduced drastically. So is it a problem of money for not accepting married priests in the church?

Today, the feast of St. Joseph, let’s say a happy feast to some married priests who accepted their beloved woman and their child or children as St. Joseph did. It’s against the common thought to accept a woman and her child yet this is a big mission done by some married priests. It’s a living testimony to the gospel. It’s another proof that God provides and in a surprising way!

Homily {in Maltese}