We all had our prophets in our lives. They are the people who are trying to tell us something. It might be the wrong time or their way of telling us is not so nice. We might simply discard their message because we already had problems in the past or simply because they have a really bad image of themselves.

Time is surely the best answer. Time waits for no one. Yet it uncovers our previous thought as accurate or as totally false. Everybody, if given the opportunity to go back in time, won’t take the same decisions or else would reverse some of his decisions. Now this happens as well in the Catholic Church. Surprisingly it has been proved beyond any doubt that the Catholic church has a notorious history of killing prophets and not listening to their message. Galileo Galilei was not just a one time accident but rather a tradition in the church where it’s so difficult to move along the times. We feel comfortable in repeating the same acts and/or thinking. We feel that we are on the right track.

Now this habit of doing the same thing for many years might be the most inappropriate thing to do. God might send us some people to let us know that we need to update our thinking. It could be a discussion with our friends which might trigger this thought or it might be just an innocent question which makes us uncomfortable…..in any way we cannot continue doing the same thing for many years because no institution can survive without updating or changing. Now in a church there are always those who wish to stay repeating the same ideas and those who wish to move forward.

There has never been an easy relationship between the two schools of thought. But surely the Catholic church has the big advantage of 2000 years of experience so it should handle differences in a mature way. Alas this is not the case as we are hearing of censure and of silencing priests who dare to voice a different opinion than that of the official church. It’s very clear that while the Catholic church condemns the communist era but it uses practically the same manner of trying to silence all opposition! Are they rebel or are they the voice of God calling for a change? Is the problem going to be solved just by silencing these ‘odd’ priests or is the problem much bigger which sooner or later it’s going to be like a time-bomb and damages the church? I think that the priests’ ideas are going to survive and one day the church has to answer for not reading the signs of the times.

The son of a priest is not afraid of labeling and he tries to make a point by showing that things cannot go unnoticed for ever. One cannot hide a problem forever. Priests are human beings. Priesthood and celibacy should NOT be forced to go together. We are for an optional celibacy.                          

Homily {in Maltese}