How can one improve the church’s vision to the outside world? This has been discussed for many years and in many countries of the world. We don’t have the right answer and especially for all the parts of the world. Yet our contact with people tells us something: the married priest is in a better position to present the church. Why? He is facing life issues all the time. This could be low marks for his son in the exam; it could mean a physical problem with his house; a high bill in his letterbox; his teenage son refusing to comply with home rules and other problems within his own family. This should make him talk in a normal way during liturgical ceremonies especially when he has his own family listening to his preaching!! The other non-married priest has to rely to other people to hear about ‘their’ experiences but he is not living the problem as such. And after listening to their stories he continues with his own free style of living where he is in command to dictate matters and timetable.

Sexual abuses are journalists favourite writing themes… seems so. Yet just read what one nun has to say about it.  We don’t wish to add our own comments. What we wish to say is that these are not just a few accidents but it was sistematic and happening for too long. What the Catholic church has to realise is that good priests are being lost just because of the celibacy issue. A friend of ours just fell in love with another person who happens to be the brother of a married priest of another religion. We never talked about celibacy or said anything about this subject. Yet this person, on its own, reached her own conclusion…..why not having married priests in the Catholic Church? The irony of it, is that if this priest converts to Catholicism, he could bring over his wife!!

On the other hand, just let’s have a look how things go around in other religions………people are asked to vote for their bishop! They are all people who have worked in other non-ecclesial jobs and which makes them super charismatic for the post of a bishop.