We are aware that when we opt in favour of optional celibacy, we are expecting a mountain to move and change its place! The sayings above are not just the opinion of one person, but it’s the common policy of those preparing candidates for priesthood. The priest has to act like a stone. There should no emotions, just pure teaching and to deliver it to all people notwithstanding the circumstances or personal growth!! What’s so surprising is that many people ask priests for their opinion about their marriage, their relationship etc…….It’s very difficult for christians to understand how superficial and damaging is the formation of priests! In this sense we are being prophetic (speaking on behalf of God), and call for married priesthood for the benefit of all the Catholic Church. Marriage has to do with relationships, caring, forgiving, making mistakes, not afraid of loving, rearing of children etc…… In this sense, the priest who falls in love with a woman would be classified as God’s grace as he experiences for the first time what it is to love in a personal and whole manner. It could be his first, real relationship. It’s no wonder that the church is in the big mess of the sexual abuse as priests stop their pyscho-sexual development and live as if they are fourteen year old boys! It’s no surprise that most of them fall into temptation by making love with the same sex, as it is a secret the outside world does not know about. Obviously now all the world knows about homosexual relationships…..

There have been centuries of bombardment of preaching against the world. Surely it’s not easy to reverse all this. Yet we should have started reversing this condition during the Second Vatican Council (meeting for all Catholic bishops in 1962-1965). We are not expected to fight the World but rather work in the world, listen to what other people are saying….Pope John XXIII called it aggionamento or opening a window to listen to the world.

We know that’s it’s very difficult to listen to other people in these times but a true apostle should make a priority for this work. People are living in many types of conditions, many challenges or circumstances…..we should spend some days in their conditions and understand what type of life they are living. In this sense, married priesthood based on the apostles’ example makes a lot of sense.

“People are confused. They see married former Anglican priests with families being ordained but Catholic seminarians cannot marry and there is no discussion about this.” Well we’ve been writing about this already for a very long time. Why one yes and another one couldn’t marry? Please don’t try to brainwash the people. They are not easy to be fooled. Just try to make them understand this abnormal practice! Other Catholic writers seem to ignore the challenges brought about by those who come from the Episcopalian church especially their beliefs on some particular theological issues…..

Weekly Homily   (in Maltese)