Some people might think that a priest who leaves the parish must be a ‘bad’ priest! Priests should give the perfect example of obedience. They should accept what the Pope teaches and hand it over to the parishioners…….Well that’s only part of it. The other part is that as priests they should speak out the truth. When they see injustices in the church or things going wrong they cannot keep silence! But another reason would be the same teaching of church where in Second Vatican Council (meeting for all Catholic bishops 1962-1965), it is stated that perfect obedience is not blind obedience! If one has a different opinion, one should never go against his conscience! It’s this part of the Second Vatican Council which forms part of the teaching of the church, that is often forgotten by the so-called conservatives even though they think that they have the whole truth in their hands!!

In fact in Malta, one priest spoke about this very clearly: We are priests and not puppets! It was not just one priest, but other priests too who have opted NOT to read a letter by the local bishops on IVF. We support them 100% yet if they think they can reform the church from the inside, one day they’re going to realise that it would be impossible to do. We as married priests, thought a lot about this issue of reforming the church in many ways, yet if you remain on the inside, the change would impossible to do. Now we, as married priests, we left the parish. So we can change the way we celebrate, we can invite all people and do other activities without any hindrance from the Vatican. Obviously they are starting to play the battle that our masses are not good. Those who know theology know that once a priest is always a priest. Consequently our masses are valid.

Weekly Homily (in Maltese)