In Ireland, well-known broadcaster Fr Brian D’Arcy says : ‘I felt like giving it all up when the Church tried to gag me’

This is another proof that priests who are great thinkers, one day they’ll face bad consequences. It’s a publicity about the church which proves that priests who do not toe the official line will be in great trouble. If there is no democracy in today’s church, can it survive? How come they don’t accept criticism from a priest who has been working for so many years? He is not a man of lots of talking but of good work. Shall we silence him? It’s another eye opener that married priests felt and lived the gospel differently. Those at the top never liked great thinkers especially those who had a mind of their own…..Each married priest can tell his own personal story…..We are not rebels but just common people who are walking our individual walk of faith. It took us to a different path. What’s important is our final destination. Another important note is: do we think that by silencing one priest, bishop etc…will the truth go away? Do we solve the problem or challenge in this way? It’s only a despotic leader who thinks so! Another leader with his ears to the ground would order a general meeting in order to come to grips with the situation and adapt accordingly.

Many people are calling for married priests. How can so many people be wrong? Do we really know what the Holy Spirit is trying to tell us? Do we really believe that all baptized have the right to voice their opinion in the church or just the clergy?

We’ve been saying for quite a long time that it has been proved scientifically that non-married priests are more prone to become abusive with their own parishioners. Now we have another proof from people working in special area…. Nobody can say that abuses occur in all spheres of life with the same number of cases. No sir. The Catholic priests are more prone to abuse people.

Some people might think that married priests have it all! Well, that’s because they are not very near one of them. How many of them  couldn’t find a decent job just because the Catholic Church made sure that they don’t find one? Well, one of them was so determined that he took the church to the European court!!