We have waited for this historical day for many years. Malta has been added to a long list: that of another Catholic country in which priests where sent to prison for abusing innocent children. We are not proud of this moment. We don’t like it all that priests are sent to prison. We know what a terrible life awaits them in prison. Yet we hope it was the necessary pill to wake up those in authority that not all is well in the church.  This has to do with celibacy. We know many priests who are not living the celibacy rule. Now many of those in authority have chosen to look the other side for too long. Now maybe, the time has come for the Catholic Church to start a new chapter: make celibacy optional! Let’s speak about sexuality in a liberating way. What is the Lord telling us especially in these moments? Are we open to suggestions? OR maybe the problem of money is hindering the solution?

We firmly believe that even in such a dark moment, it could be the turning point for a new life. The condition is just to admit that we have a problem and let the people discuss freely.  The solution is not far away. Let’s not alienate the people by insisting that abuses exist in other sectors of life. Let’s not think that only a few priests are not living their celibacy rule. The man-made celibacy rule has attracted to priesthood the wrong type of guys. Let’s stop this non-sense. Make celibacy optional! This video says it all!

Let’s stop the conservative side of the church from destroying it! We need to give an example of free speech and not stopping them from sharing information. Like in America after the President’s election, the church needs to address the big distance between herself and the common people. The common people are thinking on a different wavelength. It’s very easy to condemn the common people. The most difficult thing would be to listen to God’s common people right now. Some very old people who have never been to University but who  understood the basics of life used to say: those who do not enter by the door, do so through the window. Translating their thoughts would be: those not getting married would try to solve their sexual frustrations elsewhere.