Married Priests have no interest in taking sides in a political election. Married priests know that there is no political party which could represent the gospel 100%. On the other hand, every party has its own values which are very near the gospel though. In the American political election for the President, the bishops, out of their own free will,  wished to take back the clock to medieval times by giving a preferential treatment to one of the candidates.  Obviously, they exerted some kind of pressure on the people. Some people were effected. Yet, on the whole, the majority of the American Catholics went against their bishops’ wishes by voting to the other candidate.

It proves once again that the bishops are out of touch with the people. Secondly, the policy of interfering with political decisions nowadays will always have a negative effect on the church. The church has every right to make its teaching known to everybody. But to show preference for candidates it means that they have gone beyond the mandate of simply showing or teaching the basic laws of the church.

What irritates people is that the bishops are still giving so much attention to sex-related matters in today’s world where justice, economy, solidarity, social beings are more important! Thousands of sisters (nuns) who have provided an excellent service in social matters are being judged according to what they think about sex-related matters!! One has to keep in mind that while the church keeps harping on sexual matters, we are witnessing one of the biggest sex abuse scandals by priests all over the world! I would like to put the word hypocrite in gold.

Regarding the sexual scandal, one has noticed what could be called another scandal. Besides hiding and transferring priests who were known to abuse young and innocent children, some of the priests have the notion that priests should never be tried in court! It’s this arrogant behaviour which is so disgusting to the common people.  They feel that they are above the law. They feel that they can interfere with the government’s laws and change them at will. They want to walk on a red carpet all their life even when they abuse children.

All in all, the picture which is forming up is that the bishops need to pay attention to the writing on the wall by seeing, listening to God’s will through the common people.  Alas some of them still think they are the true teachers. What they say goes. Let’s put into practice the Second Vatican Council where the church should listen to all (atheists and non-believers included).