"Enough with the celibacy of priests" The appeal of the young Ratzinger. 
Embarrassment because of the letter of the 70s revealed by the Sueddeutsche Zeitung.

Forty years ago, Joseph Ratzinger put into question the obligation of celibacy
for Catholic priests. 

He did so in a confidential letter, written together with eight other 
distinguished young theologians and then sent to the German Bishops' Conference. 
The man who now appears to be a conservative pope, a staunch defender of 
tradition, orthodoxy and dogma, then asked to consider the possibility of 
allowing priests a normal sex life and the construction of a family. This was 
revealed yesterday, the Sueddeutsche Zeitung, bringing the contents of the 
letter. It is a discovery embarrassing for Benedict XVI, because in 
September this year will visit Germany, his native country, where the ruling 
party, the CDU, Angela Merkel, is the front line against the obligation of 
celibacy. Mass disobedience of priests and faithful, the crisis of vocations, 
exodus of priests and believers from the Church, a serious shortage of new 
priests who are truly at the Ministry, loss of contact with the reality of 
life today. Here are dangers that Ratzinger and the other eight theologians 
indicated in the letter secret. The hierarchy decided not to react and 
respond. The letter ended up shelved in the archives, but now the circle of 
Catholic critics of Regensburg (AKR) decided to publicize it. 

It was February 9, 1970, Ratzinger had just 42 years. "Filled with the 
fear of God - wrote the nine theologians - say the issue of the emergency 
situation of the Church., And our reflections concerning the urgent need for a 
reflection and a differentiated approach to the law of celibacy in the 
Church. We believe that this is necessary at the highest level ecclesiastical 
". They chose to carry out their duties as directors of the German Bishops' 
Conference on the problems of faith. "Anyone who thinks such a superfluous 
explanation seems to have little faith in the invitation of the Gospel of 
the Grace of God," continues the letter of theologians who, at the time, 
remembered as celibacy in the Church was a law but not a dogma. And again: 
"Theologically it is unfair not to reconsider the issue in the light of new 
historical and social situation. Especially young priests are asking, in 
light dell'acuta crisis of vocations, as these problems of the life of the 
Church and its pastors can be solved in the coming years. "Who chooses the 
priesthood, pointed out the nine, faces loneliness and loss of recognition of 
their role in today's society, a society highly sexualized. 
Ratzinger's letter was ignored and the other eight, it is not even clear 
whether the German Bishops' Conference forwarded to Rome or not. The crisis 
of vocations continues, but now one of nine theologians appears on the 
other side of the fence. 

Better late than never, thanks to the Catholic Critics of Regensburg (AKR) 

From the Archbishop E. Milingo (Patriarch of Africa)

How can the present Pope than dismiss does who are saying the same things??