There are many words in the English vocabulary but none are so effective as the word ‘surprise’ during this last and long week. Last Monday we were all stunned by the news that the Pope is to resign. We all know that it has been nearly 600 years since the last Pope did so. Nobody would have guessed such a move, yet it happened. Now this is what makes the Catholic Church so interesting. No insider or practical person can ever predict with certainty what’s going to happen next. We have witnessed a similar move when the old, frail and sick Pope, John XXIII, was elected Pope. He was considered to be transitional or just a pope for a few years. Yet he was the old Pope with a very young and energetic mind who dared to call a general council. A few years later, married Anglican priests were accepted as priests in the Roman Catholic Church. Who knows what next now? This is not just now or in these last days. If we truly pray by using the Bible, than we would be familiar with surprises or a better phrase – impossible tasks!! The Bible is full of such stories.

As they say, never say die! At times we seem so far away from out target of having officially married priests yet in one second, with the signature of a Pope it could all become real! Let’s keep praying. Changes are not impossible to achieve. Obviously we are not promising a push button solution and our dream could still take many more years to be achieved. This is why our married priests should never stop believing in themselves because they are living like the prophets in the Old Testament, they are witnessing the future. This should be our main focus. We know that’s not easy. Not all people are capable of ‘seeing’ the future. Not everybody is willing to be a prophet and to speak God’s language.  Yet there should be prophets in the church who are bold enough to sing a different song. We ‘see’ the future because we truly believe that married priests have to become a reality in the future.  Let’s not let journalists fill up our spiritual welfare with lots of deviating information about who is going to be elected the next Pope or what he might decide or not.

An interesting experience has been the reaction to the Pope’s resignation. Obviously some hard headed ones still insist that the Pope should have never resigned. Yet the majority have fully agreed with the reasons given. What’s so interesting is that they have changed their view (indirectly) about a priest’s resignation. People do understand that sometimes the priest is right in calling it a day and resigns. We still remember vividly that some people even told us that it’s God will that he has asked us to form a biological family in order to testify as a Catholic family! Others have asked for the sacraments and insisted on having our services. This last experience has sparked our spiritual experience as married priests and it kept it going…..people can see when a priest truly lives what he believes. People are already prepared for married priests. They are already asking for their services. They need to see their priests living the same kind of life that they are facing today with all its challenges, experiences, joys and troubles.

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