The Catholic Church is not just any other organisation! Whilst many other business enterprises, organisations etc….. try very hard to sell their products to today’s people, the Catholic Church does not use the same methods. For many centuries it has had the conviction of holding the truth and it does not feel the need to discuss or listen to others. It doesn’t measure people’s minds in order to satisfy their needs or requests.

There was a breakthrough in this method during the Second Vatican Council (meeting for all Catholic bishops – 1962-1965), where the church started to listen to people. Alas the last Popes practically reversed the improvements or updates provided by this council and repeated the same methodology provided before the council. Now with Pope Francis it seems that he wants to listen. Will he be successful? Well we can’t read the future but we know that most of the people who are still attending the church are mostly conservative (they want to conserve everything as it was taught so many years ago). Other people have walked forward. They wish to see the old teachings in a new light. The problem is that most of the people who are forward looking have long abandoned the church. How can one reach out to these people?

We know from experience that most of the people in the western world are happy living their own private life. They are happy as they are. We’ve been helping people in order to get involved with the church. Notwithstanding that there many things which puts one away, one needs to stay ‘in’ and try to bring a change. Now this is the most difficult part as many people were hurt in one way or another and they can’t accept the fact to go back to where suffering took place.

That’s why the married priest movement became so popular because it accepted people who were living in the periphery of the church. They listened to people and adapted the teaching according to the wishes of the people of God. This is not changing religion. Our religion is to be lived by people and it’s not just a book to be followed blindly. This is not our teaching but the teaching of the Second Vatican Council and of the early church. The bible was written by the first communities who first lived Jesus’ message. Now this message is being lived by the christian communities of today. If we let the common people speak up ie those attending the christian communities of today, they will show us the way forward. The voice of the communities is very loud. It reaches far away. It is astounding. It breaks walls.

The married priest is acting as a bridge between the lost sheep and the official church. Let’s support our married priests who are living the change in our religion. The change is not just a change for the sake of change but rather to put people near God. The people living outside the church have changed. We cannot ignore this fact. We cannot isolate ourselves by saying we have the word of God. God is not to be imprisoned in a book. He speaks through non-believers and other people. If people have changed, then He is saying something to us. It’s our duty to hear his message.

The church is not simply the Pope but rather the whole community. Let’s prepare the way for a change in religion by living the change ourselves. Let’s not delegate our duties to other people (eg Pope or priests). The Pope might see God’s hands through the communities of today and act accordingly.

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