We are becoming conscious that most women are caught unawares about priests’ unspoken and true wishes about their opposite sex. As the subject about women and priests is still a taboo, it’s not surprising that most women surrender to a priest’s ‘pastoral’ work and care!

Where does the problem start? Well, most priests have never had a truly adult relationship with a woman. So meeting a woman on a regular basis puts the priest on a shaky ground. Secondly, in most cases, the relationship with his mother, was in many cases that of servitude where his mother was happy to provide him with everything. Unknowingly, he might be looking for a second mum!


This is the word which should set an alarm: why is he meeting the woman in secrecy? Because deep down he knows that he is not living according to what he preaches! He is being a hypocrite! Talking with others about the clandestine relationship would help the woman to overcome the priest’s power.


He is the one who is presented as a model, teacher, counsellor etc… so the woman goes to him hoping that he would listen to her problems and to help her to face her challenges.. He is an available man in the sense that she sees one who gives her time and attention. These are two qualities which are so important for any human being. The priest knows that he is at an advantage so he abuses the role of the model.

Roles are reversed

Normally after some time in a relationship, the priest would start speaking about his loneliness and other issues. This would be the first step in creating a special bond with the woman. The woman, unsuspectingly, feels compassion for her hero. Indirectly, she would like to show affection and gratitude. It is during these moments that the priest would try to pass on to touching (hugging, embrace, kiss etc…).

Body Language

Once it becomes a habit to embrace his parishioner, the priest might pass on to something else. The woman at first feels in heaven because after bonding with a man, she feels natural to use her body language to feel one with the person. The priest, having no adequate training, and feeling the pressure of no sex life, would simply climb the ladder….

Guilt feeling vs No feeling at all

The woman feels at a loss. The is another case of abuse. Whilst the priest knows the rules, the woman on one hand feels true affection for her man-priest but on the other hand the guilt feeling starts to make her feel sick. Many woman have to face really hard questions in order to take a decision. The priest on the other hand celebrates mass with no problem whatsoever!!! The priest being knowledgeable in theology would justify his actions immediately. In fact there is a big moral difference between a layman’s problem and that of a priest. The recent sexual abuse scandal amply proves that priests are able to cover any type of immoral or criminal activity.

Panic attack

If the woman involved with a priest is still not convinced that he is abusing her, she would soon realise in the case of an unplanned pregnancy. The priest’s mask falls down as he would like to force her to terminate her pregnancy, obviously contrary to his beliefs. Some propose to the woman to go very far away to where he is in order to avoid a ‘scandal’. Surprisingly all the loving words mentioned earlier in counselling the woman, would vanish away.

We are eagerly awaiting our readers’ response. Women who have been involved with a priest please look back. At what point do you think the priest abused your trust and friendship? What makes a woman vulnerable to a priest’s sexual advances? What could be the solution? We would like to give space to our readers in order to make this website YOUR website. Please remember that there aren’t many spaces on the internet who discuss these issues. Secondly, your priest might get transferred so he might abuse another woman. If you don’t speak up, another woman could fall into the trap.