We are all in favour of married priesthood. We’ve been using this blog in order to make our opinion known to all. It’s the power of the internet which makes even a small group of people powerful enough to transmit globally its ideas!

We are writing this about this theme because maybe in our latest blogs some people might have thought that we have changed our ideas. No, we did not change our idea. Yet we are aware of some ‘adult games’ played by some people which distort our message.

Most of the stories being published prove that some priests do deceive their special woman. They keep her hanging on many promises which are never fulfilled. They keep changing the excuses, yet the final decision never comes!

We are against hypocrisy i.e. the priest who has promised to live a celibate life to have a double life. He preaches to others what to do whilst he has a secret relationship with a woman. We are of the opinion that it’s NOT fair for the community and for the woman involved in the relationship.

He has either to quit the relationship or else marry or live side by side with his woman. From the point of view of the priest he has to speak up against the unjust and forced rule of celibacy. A priest’s partial role is to be a prophet and a speaker of truth. He has to make a step forward and not wait till the official church does the announcement (ie changes in the celibacy rule).

On the part of the woman, she has to prove to the community that she is not the devil but she helps her husband to work more diligently and efficiently. The heart of a woman has to make the priest aware of another female point of view about everything. We firmly believe this is what brings about the silent revolution.

The woman would help her priest-man to think wisely before taking a decision or in the way of dealing with people. The unmarried priest has the biggest advantage of NOT having a person who knows him inside out, to be next to him most of the time in order to help him deal with people. His partner/wife could be his springboard which serves as a feedback plus encouragement for his work.

We can happily write about those priests who had the courage to live openly side by side next to their woman that they love, and continue to minister to people. The congregation testifies that the priest has more will to work for the community…….thanks to his woman!