In an unprecedented move, the Vatican has decided to poll the world’s bishops’ conferences about issues around family life, ahead of the Extraordinary Synod of Bishops on the family next year. In England and Wales the bishops have invited lay people to complete an online questionnaire about co-habitation outside marriage, homosexuality, and communion for people who are divorced and remarried.

We’ve been insisting for a long time that the teaching of the church is NOT a book or documents. It is first and foremost the believing communities which are living God’s word in today’s world. They are the ones who are answering God’s call to show love in today’s challenges. Now if these communities feel and experience a certain way to live today’s gospel, then we should listen. This has been going on for ages. There were times were people were labelled as heretical. Years passed by and they were accepted as part of the teaching of the church.

We still insist that married priesthood is the key to all the changes mentioned by the Pope as the married priest is in a better position to understand the experience and challenges of today’s couples.

Below there are some interesting links to some websites. This is to prove that this nothing extraordinary in the life of the church. The church is changing all the time. It has to as otherwise it dies. Rigidity is not the word of God. Below are some opinions which prove what we’ve been writing all the time.

For the bishops, allowing dialogue to take place within the church may allow room for the Holy Spirit to work. New beliefs and practices, which with time take on the force of more established traditions, often start through movements of dissent. Though the bishops are wise to exercise caution in what they perceive to be innovations, or even threats, to the faith, the discernment of these questions must take place within the entire community of belief. Christian religion rightly evolves slowly, allowing time for the testing of new ideas in dialogue with tradition, but it does, in fact, evolve. The way that faith is practiced today is far different than the way it was practiced at the time of the apostles. These accepted changes are not the negation of the Gospel, but rather the confirmation that God is still active in the church and guiding believers through their interactions with the world.

We believe deeply that the Spirit of Life goes on speaking to us from the heart of life, with its joys and sorrows. We believe that the living Ruah cannot be closed in any doctrine, or document, or words of the past, and that it goes on inspiring the feelings of all believers and all men and women today. Nothing should ever remain closed.

“Where there’s love, there’s a sacrament, whether the couple get married or not, and where there’s no love, there’s no sacrament, however canonically married they may be.”

Our young people have neither the houses nor the economic means to get married and live with their partners until their 30s in the best of cases. How can the Church ask them to abstain from sexual relations until that age?

We believe that this language about marriage — regular, irregular — is inaccurate, even harmful. It’s harmful to a child to hear that he has been born into or lives within an “irregular” marriage or family. And it hurts their parents, whoever they be. What hurts is not being an exception, but being censured for being an exception. Moreover, we all know that it is sufficient for the cases to multiply for the exception to become the norm. In any case, the Church is not here to define what is regular and what is irregular, but to accompany, encourage, and support each person as they are, where they are.

It no longer makes sense to distinguish between natural and artificial methods, much less to condemn a method for being “artificial”, since for the same reason one would have to condemn any vaccination or injection. Nowadays we are witnessing a momentous change in everything that has to do with sexuality and reproduction: for the first time after many millennia, sex is no longer necessary for reproduction. It is a technological change that brings with it an anthropological change and requires a new moral paradigm. 

If you want to exprees your opinion on divorced people, gays and contraception, you may give your opinion in this link.