Humanity did a lot of progress when it comes to medicine, technology, communication, education etc…..But surprisingly from the point of view of the common people, the RCC is still seen as a ‘museum’, where things never change. In part some of the priests were responsible for this as they were highly interested in keeping the people without knowledge so as to continue with their power games.

The Holy Spirit works silently, unobtrusively and without glamour. The first important part is that people are asking a lot of questions. One of them is about the celibacy of priests. Is it lawful? How come in the Holy Bible most of the apostles were married? Are we to follow the bible or do we start censoring the bible in order to please someone in the church? The number of people studying theology is increasing. This will breed a different type of Catholics.

On the other hand, other people who have not studied theology, notice the special friend of their priest. They do realise that things are going on but they do understand that an unhappy priest will reflect on their parish and all the pastoral work. They do ask questions too: what’s wrong in having a married priest? They do see the practical advantages of having a married priest.

All these changes may give fruit to a new movement in the RCC, that of married priests. Obviously the most important part is that of married priests who need to feel 100% priests in order to assist people all over the world. The fact that some priests are full of guilt (sometimes it’s their partner who feels so guilty), proves that the propaganda has been going on for many years. Yet the fact that in the Bible apostles were married should make a strong case in favour of married priests. Once a priest is always a priest! Priesthood is not something which can be undone! This is another part of the false teaching done by some unmarried priests. It’s a sacrament which if received will remain forever! Nobody can cancel it. Some of our readers too, when writing, show that they still did not understand this principle.

Most of the priests when promising celibacy where too young to take such a decision. Most of the times they were gently urged to make the promise. In some cases they wanted to make their parents happy or in other words not disappointed by leaving priesthood. We know that legally, those in authority should have prepared their candidates differently before making such a promise. Hence from the point of view of the law (celibacy),  it was null. The priest who leaves the parish has never contemplated to do such a thing in his preparation. Yet God speaks in different ways. He has shown the priest the beauty of serving Him as a married priest. Experience in the church is not just a passing moment but it’s God who tries to tell us something. It’s up to us to listen and decide.

I can speak about my experience. I never thought of working as a priest again. Obviously the anger had to cool down at first. Then some people were ‘cheeky’ enough to ask for sacraments. They still viewed my sacramental, permanent mark. They urged me to continue working in the church as the need was plentiful. We, married priests are reaching out as the number of priests is dwindling immensely. We love our church. If we stop working, then that would be considered as a cowardly act. It’s not that the priest would like to continue working, but rather the lay people are looking for pastors who are not afraid of taking drastic actions in the church. The people who follow these priests are creating a new church. We know for sure that one day the church has to change her man mande rule and accept priests who have left to get married. They have an immense experience especially with people who have left the church. They have been hurt themselves. They have lived as ‘lepers’ in the church. That experience makes them in a favourable position to reach out to people who are not considered to be in good Catholic standing. It’s not just the wishful thinking of a few but the experience of some Catholic communities which might reach the mainstream ones too. In other words it is the sign of the times.

We can say that there many Catholics who welcome a priest who has left the parish to marry his loved person and continue working as a priest. They acknowledge that there has been a great difference in his pastoral work. The happy couple serve to witness God in a very special way. One that is in tune with today’s world. Following there are some articles which will help our readers understand better what we’re trying to write about this week. Happy reading!

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